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Kyle Rayner
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Lightbulb Kyle's Future... with Legion?!

Kyle Rayner can sell a comic. Even when put with the left-over gimmicks TPTB tack onto Hal once in awhile Kyle can still sell a series. He's starred in several minis, ongoings, and one-shots. He's been everything from two versions of Ion, every colored Lantern in the spectrum, rewrote the book on White Lanterns, became an Omega Lantern for a brief stint, all before coming full circle and returning as a standardized GL with his most classic suit.

But where could he go from here? What haven't the writers and editors done yet? I got to thinking... he's the 'Torchbearer'... if anything happens to the Guardians or the GLC he brings them back... why hasn't he been to the future to bring back the Corps? He's literally had this job for years and it never came across anybody's mind? It practically writes itself!

I'm just saying, as a Legion fan and a Kyle fan I'd be interested. And most of the time we're never given a reason for why the Corps is no more. Kyle could quite literally go to the future and restart the Corps and resurrect some Guardians and face off against whatever put the last beating on the Corps in that time period. And since Sodam Yat is crucial in the future narrative make sure to reintroduce him, as well as Rond Vidar whenever Kyle is sent back to the past. Or be bold and pick another Legion member to be the Lantern of 2814, cause Earth Man and Mon El both just seemed to be a waste last time and both were boring with the ring. My pick would probably be Colossal Boy...

Cosmic Boy: "Have you ever been to the 31st century, Lantern?"

Kyle: "You ever been to the 853rd?"

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