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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
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Thumbs up HJ & the GLC #42 (spoilers)

Darkstars Rising pt. 1


I really enjoy how T. Tu has been developed lately. His interaction with the new Xudarian GL was needed and then the stuff with Tu and Hal was just a drastic turn. However it IS something I could see old friends disagreeing on. IDK where things are going to go with the new Darkstars but I dig them. Anything is better than another Corps wielding rings. Will they eventually be more heroic or will they be the anti-hero answer to the GLC now?

I've felt like Tu was getting lost in the background and I'm glad to see him get more development. However the way this particular story is starting out there are shades of the Rage of the Red Lanterns arc. Will any other familiar faces get Darkstar suits? Anybody from Earth gonna get one? WTF happened to Ferrin Colos? RIP Charlie Vicker.

John organizing the GL's throughout the universe looked like the GL playing marbles in zero gravity. Guy trying to stick his thumb up another guy's ass though is a bit much.

I hope DC has enough sense not to let Hank Henshaw take command of the robotic force like he has the Manhunters and the Alpha Lanterns. It seemed to me like the other six Controllers turned their backs on the one boasting about being so great... for a set-up issue I'd give it a 4/5.

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To me, there's no point in bringing back the Darkstars and ignoring just about everything about them. If there is no Merayne Dethalis in this storyline (I'm about 1000% certain there won't be), Ferrin Colos, or any worthwhile acknowledgment of John Stewart being their leader at one time (I'm growing more and more certain there will be none of that, either, since it should have happened during the last Controllers arc), I don't see the point. Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, though. I just don't have any faith in Venditti to actually use elements from Green Lantern's past to even decent effect.

I'm not saying a good story can't still be told, but if things turn out the way I think they will (and they probably will), I think this will be another example of why Venditti shouldn't be writing Green Lantern: No real appreciation of its history, an inability to successfully exploit that history, lack of success at creating new concepts (ex: Relic, Emotional Reservoir), and not a strong understanding of what fans like about GL and how to give it to them.

But at least previous arcs matter for this arc, and it looks like someone (Tomar-Tu) is actually getting character development!

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I thought Hal's comment that his home is beyond "an eye for an eye" was silly. I'll lay aside that it misses the point of the passage to boil it down to some kind of death-penalty revenge since Hal is not only not a theologian, but not even a church goer. However, even with this common understanding of the passage, it's a pretty pointless statement since the death penalty is not only common in his home country but the rule-of-the land for many other countries on his world.
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For what it's worth, I do think Venditti will mention John's former involvement with the Darkstars - Hal's last comment here makes me think there will at least be an acknowledgment. Whether or not this will still boil down to Hal taking them all on by himself and ending them because ... WILLPOWER, remains to be seen.
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