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And the first trailer is up for the new Child's Play.

+ YouTube Video
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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
If the original Universal monster movies were being made today, they'd certainly be TV movies. The same goes for the Hammer productions. So if they're going to relaunch them as theatrical films in the 21st century, then they've got to change them fundamentally.

That's why they keep screwing it up. They're trying to recapture the magic of something while fundamentally changing it. That's an inherent contradiction.

I'd rather see a half-dozen Universal horror movies done in the original spirit for television than one done entirely differently for theaters. What they're doing is selling these movies based just on their names, and not their content.
That's especially true of things like the Mummy sequels which barely topped an hour long. They also come from a time when they would be accompanied by a newsreel, a short feature, and a cartoon if not a whole other feature with them.
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