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GL in Animation
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Lord Malvolio
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Default Ideas needed to help promote the GL movie

Hey guys, I got an email from a guy named Nate. He is attached to some promo company that is looking for ideas on how to promote the GL movie. If you have some ideas, email him below with your suggestions! (I am thinking something simple like a GL symbol projected onto a building would be cool!)


I work for a company that might be doing promotional material for the Green Lantern movie.

The medium can/will most likely will consist of projection onto buildings among other things.

We have some good ideas on what to project onto the building but could use your ideas.

I am asking you because you are fans of this material and know it so well. The projection is 3D - interaction with the building - look at some photos to get the idea of it.
- what would you, as a fan, like to see being portrayed onto the building? Cool scenes or important images/scenes of the character?

Get back to me asap, if possible.


(407) 341 - 9943
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The projections should be in green hue, and have someone in a GL outift across the steet, pretending he's projecting it with his ring.
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I sent a email to the address provided.

"I believe your best bet would be a rotating slide show of Ryan Reynolds, in full costume, as well as some of the Alien Green Lanterns perhaps with a Green Laser starting the show writing out the movie title either on the building or in the air if that can be arranged. Perhaps get a fog machine on said buildings roof to mist the proper height. "

hope that helps at all.

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So is this what the promo company is doing?

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Tommy Boy
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A 20 story shot of GL's toes.
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I have been doing other things seeing that I don't have access to a projector.

First, last week I was interviewed for the local paper, Florida Today. It isn't out yet but I talked about GL and then they focused on my collection of GL comics and props and figures. They also got comments from University of Central Florida faculty. The article looks great and I'll post a link when it gets published.

Next I am going to be at the theater Friday night displaying some of my GL stuff like the lanterns and books. I guess this latter stunt is more about promoting GL in general rather than the movie specifically but I can't think of anything else.
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