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Default Thoughts on Vendetti

I've meant to post this for a while but I've never gotten around to it.

All this to say that I have mixed feelings about Vendetti's run on Green Lantern. Here are some thoughts in no particular order:

1) He abandoned the Geoff Johns' edict that only beings with incredible will could even get the ring to work, what with the Durlan Green Lantern imposters being able to operate the rings. They shouldn't have been able to get them to so much as light up.
2) Having said that, in the very same issue (GL #31) I liked the bit about Hal "willing" the Durlans to death, as even to get the ring to protect them from the rigors of space was a function of their will.
3) I've been bored by Vendetti's issues nonstop for months at a time.
4) The dialogue with Sinestro in GL #36 was awesome, especially the part about Hal being too unpredictable for Sinestro and the only reason he kept beating his smarter and better scheming foe. I also liked how that issue reinforced Hal's renegade personality and in a single issue developed Hal's character far more than Johns did in the latter half of his GL run.
5) Overall character development for Hal picked up recently by Vendetti, even though at the start of Vendetti's run it stalled miserably.
6) The "rebel Hal with the power glove run" is intriguing and a breath of fresh air, which has, at least temporarily, killed my boredom with Vendetti's GL.
7) I think the whole emotional reservoir is nothing more than a gimmick and really seems to serve no purpose as it gets forgotten for issues at a time and feels ripe for abandonment. What happens when the reservoir runs out? Beings across the universe stop having feelings? Silliness.
8) The Durlan run was boring except for the origin of the Durlans, which was pretty interesting.
9) The lights out run as boring except for the origin of Relic.
10) Godhead was slightly better, but still didn't inspire me.
11) I get the feeling that Vendetti didn't read enough back issues before taking on the GL assignment, because he seems to lack respect for continuity (see point 1 above)
12) What's with the "power batteries have to be recharged from the central power battery" bit that was alluded to in GL #21 before being quickly abandoned?

So, yeah, all in all I have mixed feelings about Vendetti's GL run but things seem to have improved of late.
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