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Default Cool finds !!!

I just wanted to give my fellow collectors a heads up. I was in a Ross discount store last night and found a JLU Matty toy collector 3 pack, Wit Guy Gardner, Classic Batman and Martian Manhunter for............get this 3.99!

So you may wann keeps your eyes open at Ross.

Also Target has gotten alot of neat JLA related stuff in. I bought a Pack of ink stampers that had the Batman,Superman and most importantly the Green Lantern Symbol. A pack of pens with those 3 and a book of stickers. Most of the stuff went for a buck each. You may wanna keep your eyes peeled.
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Big Daddy Dave Skywalker
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You know, of all the GL crap I own, I DON'T have a GL rubber stamp. I'll keep an eye out at my local Target. Thanks!
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Mister Ed
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For any boardgame enthusiasts, Target has an exclusive JLA boardgame, that actually looks more intriguing than the usual licensed boardgame garbage. If I hadn't spent so much lately on games already, I might well pick it up. I probably will eventually (hopefully it doesn't disappear while I'm dithering). It is a cooperative boardgame that seems vaguely reminiscent of "Castle Panic" (if anybody has heard of that one), with players playing as Superman, Batman, the Flash, and GL, and defending the JLA satellite against a onslaught of supervillains.
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My comic shop just got this in.
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