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Default Heroclix Custom figs for sale

Me short on cash, so me selling me custom Heroclix mods on eBay. Not all are Green Lantern-related, but most are based on popular DC and Marvel characters. To those unfamiliar with Heroclix, it's a miniatures game. The figures are about 1 1/2 inches tall, depending on the character. If you're running out of shelf space for your action figures, these mini-statues are for you! I sell figures every week on eBay. Please visit my webpage at

and click on the link to my eBay auctions. This week, I am selling everything RED LANTERN. I have an Atrocitus ripping a Remnant Nod in half, a Red Lantern Vice, and a Red Lantern Laira. I also have a Sodam Yat Ion up for bid, too. Most of these figs have pictures in my user Albums here at the forum.

Thanks so much!!!
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