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Default Greetings

I've been a Green Lantern fan since 2001. I believe my first issue was #137. Kyle was, and still is, my favorite.

I was upset when I heard about Rebirth, but Geoff Johns made me become a fan of Hal quickly. I've tried to follow Kyle in whatever books he was featured in, and I've continued to read the main GL title since then.

I may not post here often as I am kind of a binge reader at times. I can get a year behind then feel guilty and catch up in a couple hours.

I don't read the Green Lanterns comic with Simon and Jessica, but might try it if I get time. i don't read as many comics these days as I used to.

My favorite comic character is Superboy (Kon-El). I miss him.

Nice to see a forum devoted to Green Lantern. I'll try to add my two cents when i can.
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One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble!

Welcome. Comic readers run the gamut in reading habits. Some of us are at our local comic store every Wednesday picking up our list of new comics; some are downloading them; some are waiting months for them to hit trade paperback; and some drop in when the mood strikes and pick up whatever tickles our fancy. It's all good and I'm pretty sure this board has some of each.
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Welcome to the forum! Don't be a stranger!
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Welcome to the boards!
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