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Originally Posted by GLC2814.4 View Post
Totally off topic, but following the logic you threw out there...when did Kandor leave the fortress and show up on Brainiac's ship, as the last I thought Superman had it again?!? I cant remember when this fell through the hole, but if someone knows, please let me know.

And I hear you on the Mon-El thing; makes my brains hurt.
Originally Posted by xionice View Post
Geoffcon. Everything pre-Johns doesn't matter. Get with it man! j/k. I hate that it retcons the sweet Michael Turner "Godfall" arc, which ROCKED.

Actually in the most recent part of New Krytpon we find out that basically that Kandor was such a inspiration to other planets through their advancements of science that other worlds named their cities after it. Then we find that Superman was in possesion of one of them. So it's basically a 1/2 Geoffcon.
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