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Default Wizard World, New York - June 28, 29 & 30

Hi All! I've got a wedding that I'm attending in Manhattan that coincidentally is the same weekend as Wizard World - New York City. I'm considering checking it out. I've never gone to a Wizard World con so would love some feedback on your experience to see if it's worth it since the tickets are pretty pricey to just "check it out" ... $45 for Friday, $60 for Saturday and $50 for Sunday. I'd only be able to do Saturday and/or Sunday.
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the WizCon feels a bit more "corporate" than the other show @Javitz tends to, and ya dont see as big of (or in some cases, any) a presence from comic companies at that show, HOWEVER I have not gone for about 3yrs now, so perhaps that has changed.

comic wares tend to be ok, theres a decent amount of ppl selling bootleg comic designer shirt & things, ya can get some good genre dvds that might be hard to search for 'Net-wise, and they seems to get decent celebs to come make appearances for autographs & such if yur into that (Im not, but ya cant ignore Adam West being on-scene no matter wat).

speaking of that, I heard the following are to be in attendance:

kinda doubt theyll have a chat-panel set up; it'll likely just be autographs, but if yur into that then have fun.


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