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Old 12-05-2018, 01:25 AM   #1
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Default The Green Lantern #2 *Preview/Spoilers*

The Green Lantern #2 Preview & Interview
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Liam Sharp

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I know people like this comic, but from what I have seen, it is trying too hard to be weird and out there, and isn't naturally, legitimately pulling it off in my view. Like, characters, including Hal Jordan, often talk and act in an unbelievable fashion. I get that they're from different civilizations, or, in Hal Jordan's case, have experienced things we haven't, but I still find the behavior of characters to sometimes be fundamentally unbelievable. And when it's at the point where every other character acts that way in some manner, I find the world and story impenetrable. It's like I'm not going to invest in a bunch of totally out there characters and totally out there world where nothing anyone does is making much sense. Well, unless it's something like the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario Bros.

Concerning its effect on the Green Lantern franchise, it's really cool that it has gotten so much attention for Green Lantern, but I'm not sure if this kind of direction is what the franchise really needs to get back on a good course. This series seems like something that may make for a good companion title, though. For example, imagine if Green Lantern: Mosaic was the main and only Green Lantern title going on at its time. And even then, Mosaic seems more 'believable' than this title to me. See, the thing is, when you try the type of stuff Morrison is trying, you either pull it off, or you crash and burn and look like a wannabe poser. Despite that this is coming from a writer with the pedigree of Grant Morrison, this seems like wannabe stuff to me. I guess that is what Alan Moore sees when he looks at Morrison's stuff. Dude's trying way too hard in places to be "clever," and "weird" in this series. And it's just weird in a dumb way to me, not cool.

All that said, it's really good that this isn't more Geoff Johns type of stuff, which is all Venditti was. And Venditti was terrible. He was so boring and middle of the road at best. This is clearly something very different and bold, and I like that. I also really appreciate the nods to pre-Geoff Johns history.

Those are my impressions so far from what I have seen of this series.

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Can you cite examples of where you find the behavior of the characters fundamentally unbelievable? I like this take on Hal. I don't think it is weird to be clever, it's weird because it's a cosmic playground and literally anything is possible.
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I really love the retro-70's sci-fi space vibe I get from this series; I love Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Star Wars, Krull, Ice Pirates...this kind of feels like it would fit in with Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica. I love it.
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