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Abin Surly
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Default Classic Horror (Pre-1950s) Film Thread

There are a few of us at the GLCMB that are aficianados of the classic Universal (and other studios) horror genre. This thread can be a combination of discussion, picture postings (production stills, YouTube video, "Last seen...", alternate versions of movie posters and lobby cards), etc.

We don't have to stick with just the purely "Monster" stuff, but also things like silent era German Expressionism and proto-Film Noir films like "Stranger on the Third Floor".

Also, anything of a newer nature that pays homage to this period could be included, for instance, "Shadow of the Vampire" (a fantasy-trope on the making of Murnau's "Nosferatu") or "Gods and Monsters" (about the last days of James Whale, director of "Frankenstein", "The Bride of Frankenstein", "The Invisible Man", "The Old Dark House", etc.) I'm still waiting for a 'Tod Browning' film to be made.

First question: how many of ya'll have seen the long-thought-lost Edison Studio version of "Frankenstein"?

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