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GL Volume 2
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El Coo Cooi
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Default Post vol 2/Pre vol 3

I've been reading the back issues of GL I've collected starting with the first run of Green Lantern Corps (201-224). I've read the 2 GL Specials and now moved onto GL vol 3. I'm not that interested in seeking out the Action Comics weekly stuff GL appeared in while not having their own book. However it seems a lot happened during that time considering there was only a few GLs.

I know Katma was killed, but I don't understand why John has a ring while standing at her grave at the beginning of GL Special #1. He sends it to seek Hal but then later in the comic Hal just has a ring. No explanation. Did he give it to John for a while? If so where/how was he when he didn't have it? I know John's ring was de-powered b/c Hal gives him it back later in the issue. Am I right to assume there was 1 ring between the 2 of them?

Also what other lanterns kept their rings? Guy and Ch'pp correct? I'm also not to sure on the details of John losing that whole planet. It only really explains that he's doubting himself at the start of vol 3. Thanks for any clarity you can give.


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