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Here's another one, perhaps just a general theme for the War of Light or the Blackest Night. Works well with the Reds tho, again, but it works for some of the other colours as well (depending on the scene)

Note - this is my all time favourite band.

Front Line Assembly - Prophecy

+ YouTube Video
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(Pay no attention to this horrible video...the guy that made it is a nut.)


A living giving corpse so weak
A sacred path where do we fall
Desired anguish fear of life
Makes martyrs of us all

Delusioned prayers fill the air
A hopeful soul is hard to see
Human cruelty frozen in time
A world so hard to feed

Nothing seems to matter
The rain begins to fall
Nothing to believe in
Even angels learn to fall

A trantic march into the sea
Being hunted to extinction
This human bond of frail mortality
A tarnished ground of true conviction

A teardrop falls behind closed walls
There's so much more of life to see
The closing of the door
The mind and so much more
A broken moment to believe

Chorus {x2}

Torment and anger
Runs through my veins
Leaving me cold inside
Surrender your feeling

Unfolding is the veil
Turning love to despair

This anger
A silent rage
This anger
A silent rage
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