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This was a nice change of pace for this title. Seeing Hal on earth, hanging out with Supes (though it's really strange to hear Clark say that his son would "love to see him" - like, when did they even meet?? (I know continuity is messed up, but that really stuck out to me)) and we even get to see Carol, though I was hoping the fake Carol's "go get me" would have lead to something more.

Overall, I thought it played out nicely and shows Venditti's deeper take on Hal that I actually like though it's been way too long since we've seen anything other than the hotshot pilot with daddy issues.

BTW, maybe I'm an idiot for only noticing it now, but has anyone else noticed how this book has had two logos for awhile, where the "Green Lantern" part is sometimes on one line and sometimes on two lines - though it's been on one line for a bit now, making the title seem more like it says "Hal Jordan Green Lantern" with the "and the" and "Corps" parts of the title becoming a lot less noticeable.

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