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Originally Posted by EmeraldGladiator View Post
Nice looks like a very action filled issue, can't wait. I will say this for this version of Venditti's Hal, he sure isn't navel gazing, I like action Hal.

P.S. Noticed Sinestro's cosmic pajama bottoms, he should have had some yellow bunny slippers too, though I always figured Thaal more of a commando, sleep in the buff type.
They already "went there" with Guy Gardner after his GL ring ran out of charge.

Which is really, really stupid IMHO. Others have berated Simon Baz about not "trusting fully" in his power ring, when said ring fails about ever 3 issues or so. At a bare minimum every GL needs an environmental suit / space suit before they put the ring on. It doesn't need to be the level of Iron Man or Lex Luthor, but let's have some logical backup, folks!
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