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Originally Posted by Mister.Weirdo View Post

Scott Weiland, a performer known for his grunge rock voice and struggles with addiction, has died, according to his wife, Jamie.
Just saw this on Facebook. I'm not overly surprised, I don't think the guy ever really got clean for any stretch of time. I saw him about 10 years ago with Velvet Revolver, put on an underwhelming show, got high halfway through then ranted about the government and shit for a good ten minutes (made very little sense but basically the usual anti-establishment diatribe).

STP was never on my radar of bands but they had a couple good ones. I don't know if it's still around but there used to be a video of him doing an acoustic song before the drugs and fame, and it was shocking how much healthier he seemed even back then, full cheeks and wasn't skinny as a rail. Contrast that to a more recent concert with his new band and he looks like a skeleton who can barely sing his own songs.
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