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Originally Posted by buffalorock View Post
Snyder did Swamp Thing and it crossed over with Lemire's Animal Man for the Rotworld saga.

He did the first three volumes of New 52, which is probably the first ongoing Swamp Thing I've read. I thought it was pretty good but it definitely felt like a superhero book.
Oh yeah. That was the birth of Exposition Snyder. I remember Yanick Paquette would do these beautiful pages and then Scott would have these massive word balloons of talking and it was just a drag to keep reading.

Originally Posted by BLACK HAND View Post

I was also a big fan of the Animal Man run by Lemire, probably the only thing I really liked by that guy. I wasn't a fan of his take on Moon Knight.
Same. I keep giving that guy a chance and he's always hit or miss. I liked his Animal Man and he had this indie book I liked for a minute but stopped buying and everything else I tried (Superboy, TT: Earth One) was just bad.
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