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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
Pretty much my feelings.

Ha. Should've known it would be a LoS story with you.
Not... exactly. You remember when the Guardians of the Galaxy were reimagined and went through probably a dozen or so different members before settling on a core team? It's like that. I decided LoSH characters weren't off the table since Phantom Girl is still showing up in the Terrifics and chose Ultra Boy for my story.

I've got a list of probably eight or nine characters at least to rotate in and out of the story as it moves beyond the initial arc. I honestly don't know what the *final* team will look like. A few familiar faces, some nobody's seen or heard of in awhile, there's even one or two originals I'm gonna throw into the mix. There's a few New Gods I enjoy writing, some characters from Omega Men, etc. This will be a little bit of everything cosmic from DC...

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