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Originally Posted by W.West View Post
How do you arrive at these points?
If it's about the Corps, then I think the default mode is that it's going to have a lot of funny-looking aliens. It doesn't have to have them, but I think that's the natural tendency for that topic. I think it's going to be "big," with the "vast threat" approach of a DCU event, so there will probably be a lot of CGI-generated alien Lanterns.

Why Parallax? Again, it doesn't have to have him, but look at Hal's rogues gallery. What's there? A lot of bad Silver Age villains from Earth, mainly. Besides Parallax, who is a "cosmic" villain who could threaten the whole Corps? There aren't many. And you've already introduced Parallax in the first movie.

I suppose I'd sum up my guesses by saying that those are most obvious and uncreative things you could do in a GLC movie, so they're probably the most likely. I think the focus is going to be on everything except what really counts, which is getting a good story.

Is that cynical? Yes, it is.

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