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Originally Posted by Sylent_Asassin View Post
I would guess that Wells created RF, and he's stuck moving through time from the tachyon technology, so Eddie wanted to kill him for his betrayal, or withholding the truth of what would happen to him.
The only wrinkle to the bolded part is that after RF steals the tachyon device, Wells ends up with it. So if Wells isn't RF (and I still don't think he is), either a.) RF is working with him, the beating was part of an act, and he delivered the tachyon device to Wells afterward, or b.) the tachyon device used to bait the trap was NOT the real tachyon device, which Wells had set aside somewhere else, or even c.) the real tachyon device IS used to bait the trap, but due to time travel weirdness, Wells possesses the same device obtained from somewhere else along the timeline.
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