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Originally Posted by JerzeyJ View Post
What do you guys do about bent legs? After a while of standing the legs can get a bit deformed. And also, what about loose joints? Other than roll them tighter! I have some figures with loose knees and elbows.
sometimes you can boil water or even just heat a coffee cup of water in the microwave and dip the malformed part in the water for about 10 second and you should be able to make the part go back into shape. once in the shape you want run cold water over it and for about 30 seconds it should stay in shape. you could also after reforming the part stick the figure in the freezer as well.

also in some cases the knee holes aren't lined up properly or fully on the Knee peg and the water trick helps that.

other joints you seperate via the water method and can try a dab of superglue in the inner part of the joint let it dry and point the joint back together and it should provide a little more friction. though I rarly have had to employ this tick as the
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