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Appealing to different types of people is fine, but the problem is how some of these companies do it. First, they will prioritize progressiveness before telling a good story. Baz and Cruz are not good for the overall story of Green Lantern, because they're crowding an already overcrowded area. There just isn't enough room for them, and they water down the concept of Green Lantern.

Then these companies often try this type of thing in IPs that already have an audience, and they push these types of characters at the expense of characters that established audience wants to see.

You can appeal to new people without frustrating the ones that are already there. The best solution is to give the new characters their own identities and their own corners of the universe to play in. Of course, doing that well would require about 50 times more effort, and DC and Marvel's audiences don't seem interested in anything new, because they're mostly the people who were buying decades ago, and they're set in their ways.

Looking at the situation while understanding both sides, it's really a catch 22. The ultimate problem is that it is really unlikely that worthwhile new IPs will be built in the DC and Marvel universes these days. Creators don't want to surrender rights and the DC and Marvel audiences aren't really receptive to new ideas. However, though it's a long shot, a creator might be able to give the audience something they didn't know they wanted, but it would have to be REALLY good (like unusually good) to get any traction in this market, and it would require enough time to find its audience, which DC and Marvel likely wouldn't grant.

So yeah, you're back at a problem that's pretty much unsolvable. Any creator who has an unusually brilliant new property won't surrender it to DC and Marvel these days, and DC and Marvel wouldn't give it enough time to find its audience before pulling the plug on it. Thus, you get extraneous characters like Baz and Cruz stuffed into Green Lantern because it's the easiest way to try to diversify your audience, despite it coming with a lot of damaging effects.
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