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Was doing some Dark Zone grinding in The Division last night and tonight.

LAST NIGHT -- Got ganked by a 4-man rogue gang, joke was on them because I had no loot to steal. Respawned and headed to a safer zone, thinking I would mess with their heads by calling in extractions at a bunch of spots and then pick a random one so they couldn't easily find me.

When I called in a second chopper, I noticed the rogues were fighting about half a kilometer away. Normally I don't really get nervous for this sort of thing, but I had my Dark Zone loot bag 8/9 full, and two or three of those items were sealed caches, which meant anywhere from 4-9k Dark Zone funds. I cleared the NPCs that showed, waited until there were only 15 seconds left before the chopper left, attached my loot, and kept looking in all directions to see if a rogue player was coming for me. I got lucky and the loot was extracted, putting me over the 50 extracted items requirement for the stage of the commendation I was on. Yay.

TONIGHT -- Once I got done killing the last few Cleaners (flamethrower-wielding trash collectors) I needed to complete their commendation (10k kills), I headed into the Dark Zone to kill a few soldier enemies for the daily challenge and of course, I grabbed a random piece of junky loot to trick rogues. I noticed there was some players causing a little trouble north of me and ducked into a checkpoint to replenish health and ammo.

When I turned back around to leave, the rogues were waging a four-man war right outside the goddamn door. I could see their silhouettes as they spent five whole minutes trashing other players, working their way to "manhunt" status before gradually moving farther north to a marked location to burn off their status. I waited to be sure and hauled ass south.

Grabbing a couple extra items, I called in an extraction at one of the shittiest places possible (it used to be the single worst spot, might still be). I then ran like fucking Usain Bolt to the next location, and surprise surprise, another player had called in a chopper. I get there just in time to help him finish off some NPCs and watch as he hooks his loot to the rope. Figuring he's either baiting me to do the same before going rogue or he's legit, I do the same and then initiate jumping jacks, tensely watching for betrayal (I'd be fucked if he did, I suck at PvP).

A third player shows up right before the chopper leaves, and as the last couple seconds burn off the timer, Mr. 3 goes rogue. I suspect he was honestly waiting to let us have our loot because there was too little time left to hijack it (I saw a notification earlier that another player had 'jacked a rope, so I avoided that extraction); I'm not entirely sure he even cared about the loot. Mr. 3 and a buddy of his slaughter me and Mr. 1, but I'm laughing because I got a few more bits out.

Currently on 64 items extracted. To complete the commendation I need 1,500.

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