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I've never considered the 80s and early 90s the best time for Hal Jordan, even before the Jones debacle. I don't think DC is in any hurry to revisit Hal being a drunk driver or falling in love with an alien who looked and acted like a teenage girl.

That being said, there are still some events from that time period that I really like and Jones' sickness coming to light doesn't change that. Make no mistake, I wouldn't want the guy's autograph in my GL collection, and I'm usually willing to ignore a writer/artist's personal life (ala Ethan Van Sciver) if I like his/her work. Obviously, there are a few exceptions, and what Jones did certainly crosses that line.

I really doubt that Jones' actions become a black mark that is often associated with the Green Lantern mythos. As Rotten2thecorps pointed out, there are very few comic creator names that break out of the shadows of the characters that they bring to life. For example, I work in mental health and most of my colleagues knew the name William Marston from their college classes or post-grad trainings. Yet I've regularly shocked numerous coworkers over the years when I pointed out that he also created Wonder Woman. The inner workings of the comic book industry are still unknown outside of hardcore reader circles.
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