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Actually, despite holding the view I do, I'm unlikely to give him any more money anyway because I don't buy trades for books I already have in floppy, which is the case for his run.

Years ago, I remember reading a gangster's confessional memoirs and all the profits went to the family of his victims. Of course, in that case it was because the work would itself would otherwise be directly profiting off convicted crime, but it was a cool solution.

And I have to admit, despite wanting to hold to a New Criticism view, I still tend to do things like read a Lovecraft story with the knowledge that both his parents were institutionalized and he had a deep fear of insanity. So too, I probably won't ever be able to pick up one of my old books and read Jones name and not think of this.

So how about that aspect? Leaving money out of it. Does it taint stuff you might already own (where the money was spent long before the conviction)?

My answer would have to be yes, but not to the extent that I won't re-read it if I wanted to.
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