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Some sample comments about Marvel's attempts to pander to SJWs:

company burns a shitload of money on trash titles in an attempt to attract a new audience that doesn't buy comics and just wants another platform for their politics
>company loses a lot of their old customers in the process, but hey they were problematic shitlords anyway and the new audience will totally buy just as many comics as they did
>they don't
>later, company does one thing that the new audience doesn't like
>new audience instantly turns on the company

Thing is: it would be perfectly fine to also pander to loud-mouthed SJWs with some of their comics. However what Marvel obvioulsy didn't realize, no matter how clear the signs and how often it already happened: Loudmouthed Tumblr-Spergs are not a massive market. They are a niche. Again: Catering to a niche with a part of your stuff isn't a bad business decision.

Where this shit all fell apart spectacularly, was when they decided to pander to SJWs with everything they did. That niche is nowhere near big enough to be profitable that way, and when every brand you put out is some gender-special brown skinned muslim Mary Sue, you will lose a fuckton of sales. Not only will you piss off all those long-time fans, but your products will also start to cannibalize one another, since SJW will (at best) buy a couple of series - not all of them.

They're basically a bunch of fascists. They don't just want comics (or whatever) for them, they want to force their bullshit into shit other people buy, while they just steal shit. It's not even enough for them that they get "representation" or whatever bullshit code word they're using for it. Anything they don't like also has to be destroyed so nobody else can buy it either.

I really hope this is finally the start of the decline of all this SJW nonsense. These people do it for attention and the feeling of power over others. But if companies pander to them, only to lose lots of money or go out of business, this will show others that the SJWs are not worth pursuing. Then companies stop listening to them as they aren't worth it. SJWs are like children not getting their way. First they demand something and when they don't get it, they start to stomp their foot, cry and make a scene. But if this doesn't work, then they stop and will have to try another way. We've been terrorised by these children in adult bodies, screaming insane bullshit at us for far too long. The sooner they finally stop getting their way, the sooner it will die off.

The movies are basically comic books. You know why they have broad appeal? Because black people, women and trans are human. They like them for the same reasons white people do. When you look at 'This is too white! The problem must be the white people. We will make it less white and then everyone will read it!'

They will not "vote with their wallets". It hasn't happened and never will. We see industry after industry make attempts at using them as a target demo, and it blows up every single time. They do not buy vidya. They do not buy comics. They do not pay for music or movies, or your shitty t-shirts, or whatever the hell you're flogging today.

These comic franchises died because the only people who buy physical comics anymore are a subculture of obsessive collectors, and those people don't give a shit about the ideas you're appealing to. SJW's give many shits, but they don't give you money unless you're ebegging on gofundme.I absolutely love that capitalism is beginning to whip itself back around to bite these people in the ass. They got everything they asked for, everything, but they forgot the most important part of keeping their "favorite" franchises alive: If you don't vote with your wallets, you get to watch them die. Welcome to goddamn capitalism, Tumblr.

I'm pretty sure that Gabby Rivera is one of the shittiest comics writers that ever lived, (just search "America Comic roast" on YouTube and you will see what I mean), but why was she even on that book? Because she is both Latina and a lesbian, which matches the titular character and only that character. And it really shows when you read the way she writes other characters, especially white ones.

This is pretty much Marvel's strategy: "Why make comics with good art and writing? Let's just piss off our fanbase instead!" This is like hiring waiters who openly spit on your food and then wondering why your restaurant isn't popular any more.
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