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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
^It's Tan's; what were you expecting?
Something better? lol.

A cover should entice someone who's not reading the book (i.e. me) to pick up the book, this doesn't even come close.

Originally Posted by EmeraldGladiator View Post
If the talent is to be redistributed it would be important for DC to upgrade Green Lantern. Jimmenez, Gary Frank, Ivan Reis or the guy that is doing Justice League right now.
On the artists you suggested:
  • Jimenez - What's the last book he worked on as an artist? I honestly can't think of anything he's done recently.
  • Frank - Too slow to do a monthly and busy with Batman: Earth One regardless.
  • Reis - Busy with Rise of the Seven Seas.
  • Fabok - Doubt he leaves Justice League but if he were to the only way you're getting him on this book would be:
    • Have him write the book
    • Pair him with an A-list writer

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