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I don't think HQ overpowered the Trinity in any way, rather she just caught them off guard and the odds were in her favor thanks to Batman's paranoia.

Imagine for a second that you have the power of Superman or WW and a powerless goon of another criminal is in the same room with you. Are you gonna worry about anything this goon might do if you're that powerful? Batman, the weakest member of the Trinity physically, doesn't even worry about this chick.... so why would Superman or WW?

They were simply caught off guard. None of them can read minds, and nobody was expecting her to try and get the drop on the three of them. Which is exactly why she was able to make it happen.

Superman not being fast enough to save Batman isn't what bothered me either. It's the plain and simple fact Supes has more than that in his arsenal and he used NONE of it. Heat vision to her hands would've made her drop the lasso. Super breath could've put her through a wall. Ice breath could've froze her in place. I blame it on Tom King not writing Superman enough.

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