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There would certainly be some logic in using Jessica, but I do not think DC/WB will. And I'm not sure if it would be a wise thing to do, unless WB AND DC Comics commit to Jessica Cruz being the primary Green Lantern character, and I highly doubt they will (and I'm also not sure how wise that would be). Now, as much as good ol' boys hate dealing with diversity, PC characters, and the like, and as much as they say it doesn't sell in comics, diversity is a wise course of action for the companies to take OUTSIDE of comics, because a good number of people of different backgrounds actually do go see movies and watch television and such. Furthermore, a great many movie goers have not much knowledge or appreciation for many of these "iconic" characters. So, I mean, if Hal Jordan doesn't show up, most of these people could give two poops about that.

Why I don't think it's wise to use Jessica is because ... whatever new fans she would get from the films would likely ultimately wind up disappointed if they ever wanted to get into the comics and other DC material. And what WB should try to do with these characters of theirs is make satisfied life long fans of them, because people like that will spend the most money on their products, and do the most word of mouth advertising for them.

These potential new fans would undoubtedly be met with a large number of angry good ol' boys and probably people behind the scenes like them who don't want to use Jessica, will sabotage her when they can, and will ultimately shunt her off into limbo/obscurity/death as fast as possible. You're not going to build life long fans like that. You're just going to frustrate the people you cockteased, and further divide your fanbase and make it so that nobody wins and everyone is frustrated.

So, in my opinion, unless DC is really going to commit to Jessica, and I don't believe they will, especially since there is no mention of her in the Green Lantern Corps movie, or ANY movie, then I think they should leave her on the bench, and focus on the character(s) they're going to commit to.

And I do hope DC/WB does not try to commit to every human Green Lantern because I do not believe that will work. The Green Lantern was never meant to be a team of humans from Earth with Power Rings. I feel they'll REALLY water down the concept if they attempt that, and make it a lot less appealing. It would be one thing if there was two or three of them, but six or seven or however many there are now is way too excessive, and there would be little to no space to actually make effective use of the aliens, who are an extremely important part of the concept, in my opinion.

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