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When you try out sales initiatives, you have to do them in a way that they'll cause the least amount of damage if they don't work. That's the idea behind my proposal that DC launch a line of recurring minis. If a mini title doesn't sell well for two stories (that is, eight issues), then so what? You've not harmed yourself. You just try something else.

DC has made Green Lantern its diversity corner while quite oblivious to the potential long-term harm that the changes it's made could do the property. There were already too many Earth Lanterns, but to "be diverse" they created two more, and promoted them over the original four? What could they have been the thinking about there?

Are they now going to keep Alan gay, with Jade and Obsidian gone? Why would they do that, when the idea flopped badly the first tine? Why can't they promote another gay character without doing so much collateral damage? And if making Alan gay flops again, how would they undo it a second time?

The Bat books are clearly the best place for any "diversity initiative." Choosing Green Lantern was random and borderline weird.

I'm assuming, of course that DC doesn't want to hurt its sales by doing this, and that it's unwilling to sacrifice Green Lantern on the altar of political correctness. I'm assuming that they see their job as making money for their investors. Maybe I'm wrong about that.

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