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Thanks. I do realize long winded write-ups are an endangered species, but the comic book is still one of my favorite art forms.

And, I don't think it all DC's fault message boards are ghost towns, all of the Marvel boards are far more quiet than they used to be as well, and smaller titles don't even have traffic anymore. I think social media killed a lot of message boards. We can all catch most news, feeds, new cover art, solicits -- without having to be on a message board. But I miss the interaction.

I generally know my own opinion, I like to hear what others think too. Actually, the mods here have done amazing work to keep this place rolling. It really is one of the more 'active' boards around, and a ton of people still zip by here to read what is going on.

That said, DC and the industry could take better care of their books and generate a chance for more people to return here. But a few things are going well, and luckily GL has become interesting again.

I didn't initially intend to leave out the Godhead arc, I just felt like I was running long and skipped to the end. I liked it, and like you I expected more from it. Orion in particular has been written a lot of ways, and at first felt a little cold, but he really was more like Kirby's take on the character.

A great line though, when Hal reminds Highfather that he was becoming what he hated - Darkseid. For better or worse, Hal does have experience in that department. Interesting that Hal went with Sinestro's advice and followed his instinct to reach out to Black Hand. Decent curveball in the arc, but another solution left to the emotional spectrum - there have to be some other ways to add depth to the GL mythos at this point.

Maybe that is where Parallax comes in?

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