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Originally Posted by Superlantern View Post
Where did you get the cubes
EDIT was reading on my phone, thought that was your display at first
Xylob posted the link in his thread.

Originally Posted by Superlantern View Post
Another good option for that method. IsExpand a Shelf this was cheap at one time at bed bath and beyond however they have become hard to find.
Originally Posted by JerzeyJ View Post
Go to Bed Bath and Beyond, they sell these things that I can best describe as bleacher steps, I have no idea what they are used for. You can easily fit 10~12 guys on it. This enables you to see the figures in the rear very clearly. I use these plus a bit of something called "sticky max", it is like soft waxy stuff you just dip the feet into and it does a good job of keeping guys upright. The Star Sapphire figure is just a big pain in the ass.
While those are not bad they don't give much flexibility in make different displays.
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