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Originally Posted by Godmera View Post
While I admit I haven't tried this due to costs/available funds I believe it would be a way to make a creative display.
Use different Styrofoam blocks and 1/8" wooden dowels.
You can get the blocks in a number of different sizes and shapes at craft stores, you can create different displays like a step display

like this one and use the wood dowels to stand your figures on it, the 1/8" dowels would fit in the hole in the bottom of there feet and can be put into the Styrofoam.
Go to Bed Bath and Beyond, they sell these things that I can best describe as bleacher steps, I have no idea what they are used for. You can easily fit 10~12 guys on it. This enables you to see the figures in the rear very clearly. I use these plus a bit of something called "sticky max", it is like soft waxy stuff you just dip the feet into and it does a good job of keeping guys upright. The Star Sapphire figure is just a big pain in the ass.
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