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Werewolf of London (1935)

"I'm sorry I can't share this with you!"

Wow, this is older than I expected (though that does explain the spots in the audio and the slightly-fuzzy visuals.

Overall a surprisingly humorous film for something set in the horror genre (I chalk this up to characters that are more stereotyped than normal, because damn if a lot of this stuff isn't heavily tongue-in-cheek). Some of it, such as how the partygoers brush off the "devil in the house" ravings of the near-victim woman as her "fixing her drinks too much," are pretty understandable but other bits, such as the two old woman who drink a lot, are the sort of thing that makes you raise your eyebrow.

I did like Hull's transformation, exactly like what LCJr first showed me as a kid whenever I watched my taped-on-home-VHS The Wolfman. Hull's design was less hairy but no less bestial, and actually makes for a haunting "human trapped inside a monster's flesh" motif. Bastard's also tough as nails, ripping apart (age-weakened!) iron bars.

I did find the senior officer's line at the end, about how he'd word his report, to be very thoughtful of him, recognizing both the gravity of the situation (that nobody would believe in werewolves) and that Wilfred deserved better than he got.

Now I need to start working my way through the others. Watching both versions of the 1931 Dracula will be a special case, given that I'll need to watch them close together (maybe this Sunday, since I almost never go anywhere).
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