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Originally Posted by Darth_Primus View Post
It usually takes two viewings of "The Last Jedi" for the more hardcore Star Wars fans to like as you have to go through the five stages of grief:

1. Denial ("That's not my Star Wars!")
2. Anger ("I can't believe Luke did that!")
3. Bargaining ("If they did away with that entire scene and jokes")
4. Depression ("I feel really bad of what I saw in "The Last Jedi"")
5. Acceptance ("Yeah, there were a lot of bad things that were almost deal breakers in "The Last Jedi" but the substantive parts of the film blew my mind, made me re-evaluate the ideas and theories and does move the story in a different direction so it's a new a pure rehash of the Original Trilogy).

I went through "The Five Stages of Grief" with "The Last Jedi" and have accepted the film for what it is, which is it's an awesome film from a certain point of view.
I'm pretty much going through the 5 stages of Star Wars grief that you are talking about going through, very similar to yours. To me there is a lot more good in the film, so I'll accept it as part of the canon and move on to thinking about Episode IX.
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