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Originally Posted by jhpace1 View Post
By George, I think he's got it! (Now to convince the DC editors.)

The strength of the GLC was always aliens with different skills, talents, and abilities coming together in the old GLC comics. This "no GL may aid another" garbage was something brought in after Recharge. Half the GLC stories was about how Hal, as a new human in the Corps, brought different ways of defeating Sinestro that worked. That's gone from today's stories in lieu of showing diversity amongst humans, down to their skin color and other factors, rather than using aliens for that diversity.
Hal needs to be based on Earth, with a supporting cast of people, not of other Lanterns. And not Cowgirl or any of Geoff's bullshit. All the way back to the beginning, with Carol, Tom and Carl.

"Diversity among Earth Lanterns" was a terrible idea, because where does it stop? We don't have anyone in the Corps yet from the world's two largest populations, China and India, so how are we going to keep them out?

Furthermore, if you put an Indian in there and no Pakistani, you'll insult Pakistan. It's a huge country, with 212 million people. There are only 40 million African-Americans vs. 212 Pakistanis, so if you have an African-American in the Corps, you have to have a Pakistani too, don't you?

You want diversity? You think that's going to sell your comics? Your market research has told you that? Then put it in the supporting cast. Everything doesn't have to happen in outer space, and everyone doesn't need to have super-powers. Don't demote your existing stars and assume without evidence that you'll thrive by doing so.

And later for Sinestro. Who finds him fascinating? I have no idea. He looks like those old caricatures of Satan. He makes me laugh.

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