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Originally Posted by Trey Strain View Post
Hal is a colorless character, and if you try to make him more colorful, his fanboys will throw wild, screaming hissy fits. What you do with a leading man like that is to surround him with colorful supporting characters. And, as I said, not just with goofy space aliens. Hal needs PEOPLE around him who will do off-center things he can't do. Morrison wanted to write Mystery in Space starring Hal and call it Green Lantern, and that just wasn't going to work.
By George, I think he's got it! (Now to convince the DC editors.)

The strength of the GLC was always aliens with different skills, talents, and abilities coming together in the old GLC comics. This "no GL may aid another" garbage was something brought in after Recharge. Half the GLC stories was about how Hal, as a new human in the Corps, brought different ways of defeating Sinestro that worked. That's gone from today's stories in lieu of showing diversity amongst humans, down to their skin color and other factors, rather than using aliens for that diversity.
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