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Here's some more credit I'll give Morrison. He realized that Hal alone was a bad idea, and he tried to fix that by making it a team-up comic. But putting Hal and a rotating co-star in outer space was still too weak in terms of the human factor.

Hal is a colorless character, and if you try to make him more colorful, his fanboys will throw wild, screaming hissy fits. What you do with a leading man like that is to surround him with colorful supporting characters. And, as I said, not just with goofy space aliens. Hal needs PEOPLE around him who will do off-center things he can't do. Morrison wanted to write Mystery in Space starring Hal and call it Green Lantern, and that just wasn't going to work.

Yes, the execution of this comic was poor. But I don't think a good result was possible from this premise, regardless of the execution.

Maybe there's an upside to this though. Sometimes people just have to be shown that what they wanted to see was a bad idea.

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