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Let me add something about Hal. He's just not so fascinating that he can carry a comic as the sole character. There are a few fanboys who will run out and buy anything that's about Hal, but there aren't many.

For a long time DC put a big effort into making people think of Hal as "the greatest." But most readers don't want a daddy. If DC had put an equal effort onto making him "the most interesting," they might have seen a payoff from it.

Hal needs some other characters around him, and not just goofy space aliens or one-shot super-heroes from Earth. He needs some regular people around him. He needs a supporting cast. On Earth.

And not regular people who creepy assed comics writers will slaughter in grotesque ways the first chance they get. I mean regular people who are permanent cast members. And who are as interesting as Hal ought to be.

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