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Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
I watched then all (alternating episodes between streaming movies). It was good. If it had go on real long, I might not have continued, though. For some reason, while I love western movies, I've never felt the same about western TV shows with the exception of Bonanza (which I watched in reruns as a kid) and Deadwood.
Thing is, there are more Western television shows to watch than Western movies. If you limit yourself to the movies, you'll run out of stuff to watch pretty soon.

I think Hand on the Gun was the best episode. Bruce Geller's script was great, and Michael Ansara and Ben Cooper were excellent in guest roles. Cooper was a quick-draw artist in real life.

But the episode called Treasure was almost as good. It was written by Cyril Hume, who wrote Forbidden Planet. He also wrote Tarzan Escapes, which was probably the best Tarzan movie. Tarzan Escapes would have been even better excepts that a scene that showed an attack by giant bats was cut out because it was deemed too frightening.

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