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Originally Posted by JohnMc View Post
Guy actually said it at her funeral. Ofcourse that was before Johns decide to masturbate his ego by rendering events non canon that didn't line up with his vision of exonerating Hal [Arisia was apparently captured along with Boodika, Laira, Tomar-Tu,etc instead of them being clearly killed when Hal took their rings in Emerald Twilight] and regressed Guy to being an unlikable asshole because he and Didiot refuse to accept that they grew up.
A lot of that I don't like but Rebirth undoing the volition of Hal as Parallax I will always be grateful for. In my mind, that was just fixing a much worse mistake. If Hal had been what Parallax was in the 90s, he was irredeemable as a superhero. I might be good drama (tragedy), but it's bad for a superhero.
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