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Originally Posted by Michael Heide View Post
Send Jessica to the Legionnaires. Send Simon to the 853rd Century (and don't give him a book).
And keep Kyle on Earth, in the present.
Asking for Kyle to be placed back on Earth is like asking for another book where Grayson stars as Batman. Both were good but their time is over and DC likely won't go for the same type of stories twice. I think a lot of what holds the second and third generation characters back is editorial is afraid of the classics being upstaged. The minute Grayson's super-spy comic became a hit under Tom King's pen the writer was moved to Batman proper. Nightwing will never outsell the primary Batman titles [Detective Comics and Batman] because DC won't have it. Any spin-off GL related titles will never be as good as the main title... again because DC won't have it. They probably lost their shit when HJ&tGLC started outselling GLs. That was more to do with the fact that HJ&tGLC was the more classic title and GLs was more like a spin-off featuring new characters.

Originally Posted by Space Cop View Post
If the GotU and the GLC are wiped out again (which I wouldn't look forward to), why would they exist in the future? And if Kyle went for them there; (1) he doesn't really bring them back, he just moves them in time; (2) he'd be depriving the future of the GLC (kind of robbing Peter to pay Paul).
By the way you asked the question I'm going to assume you're not a Legion fan and go into a bit more detail. I think you took something out of context...

We have the Guardians and the GLC in the present, however in almost every Legion era I've read into the GLC is always wiped out. For whatever reason that's usually never touched on, the Corps was destroyed and that's part of why the Legion is so important to the 31st century.

In the New52 series they actually try to go into it with Sodam Yat returning and looking a bit different, recreating what looks like a sentient not fully grown embryo of a Guardian called Dyogene, and trying to get the Corps off the ground recruiting.... Earth Man of all people as the newest GL. When he died the ring was passed on to Mon-El. And the series was cancelled before they could do anything cool with the story potential.

Now what I'm proposing? The Legion members in the past finally come together to go back to the future to save it from this or that. Somewhere during a meeting of a few dozen heroes towards the end of Doomsday Clock one of the Legionaries could mention how there's no Corps in their future and Kyle could step in and get to the bottom of it, ultimately choosing to go to the future to bring back the GLC himself.

I'm not saying make him a Legion member per se, but you COULD do that for a bit. I see it more or less like Kyle being the stranger in a strange land and an ongoing subplot in a new Legion series could be him taking steps to bring back the GLC in their future while also doing what he can to help the Legion and the United Planets.

It has more meat to the story than say... Kyle's death being staged in a forbidden sector where its said he's an instrument in a 200 day war that's never going to be mentioned of again [despite being written by Tom King]. I'm not saying put Kyle in the Legion for keeps, but there's a good bit of story potential that could come from the GLC actually being reactivated during the same time as the Legion.

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