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Originally Posted by -M- View Post
He was a big presence in the fight with Relic. It's kind of his thing now to show up and be possible canon fodder to show how serious the new big bad is...

I think it's at least a 10% chance.

Originally Posted by -M- View Post
Dude's got the first ten issues plotted out. This will go well beyond the Sin War II story we're seeing in the first arc.

Sure but what makes you think the story will have anything to do with the Watchmen story?

Based off DC Universe: Rebirth #1 and the other new issues it looks like the plot threads will be followed up in The Flash, Titans, Superman and maybe Batman. Once Geoff comes back to actually do the story I expect the main characters to be the Flashes and Batman as parallel to Flashpoint. If he uses a lantern it'll probably end up being Hal or Jessica/Simon.
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