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DC’s Futures End Doesn’t Begin On Free Comic Book Day. It Begins Tomorrow.
Tomorrow sees the launch of Aquaman And The Others, the new Aquaman monthly comic from Dan Jurgens, Alan Medina
and Ed Tadeo. Some may wonder if there’s room on DC’s stands for a second monthly Aquaman title.

Well, this should answer those queries, certainly for the launch tomorrow. Because this is where Futures End begins. And if you are planning to follow that story, the weekly series and spin offs, the Five Years Later event in September that Bleeding Cool has been talking about for six months now… it all starts tomorrow. After all, Dan Jurgens is co-writer of that project as well.

So, yes, odds are that retailers may not have quite as many copies as they may suddenly need. I do hope DC overprinted… And expect a big bump on orders for issue 2.
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