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I was a bit disappointed with this show. There weren't as many good deals as last time and there wasn't as many DC Universe figures. Plus, most of the people that had things I was interested in knew how much they were worth on the secondary market. I also regret not picking up a bobblehead when I had the chance. When I came back to get it, someone else snagged it. I'm still upset about that. I kind of regret not getting a new Re-Activated Superman. I could have gotten one for $7, but was afraid the wrist would snap off like the last one.

I too catalogued my haul, but didn't get as much stuff.

Superman Prime (for a custom)- $10. I talked him down from $15.
GL Effigy- $5. Talk him down from $9.
Bruce Bochy Bobblehead- $20. Talked him down from $25.
Indigo Atom- $4. Got this ONLY for the Staff since Munnk didn't come with one.
Blue & Orange Mini Lanterns- Traded SDCC Starro. I traded the same guy a Starro for the Red and Green batteries at the last show.

The best part of these shows is the negotiating process. Most folks want to desperately get rid of their stuff which opens up the possibility of haggling. Nobody wants to take all their stuff home at the end of the day so when the show is about to end is when you can get some really good deals.
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