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Sylent and I check out the Super Toy Show. Most of the table had the same merchandise. Some of it was over priced.

So, I was looking for a Batman Arkham Asylum Bane and I found one for $35 (a post-it was on it) brand new/sealed, which is an awesome deal in the secondary market considering it's been selling on eBay for like $50-$75. So, like a lot of people at these events, I tried to haggle with the price and offered $30 for it. The guy in charge of the table called someone to see if it was okay. The guy is on the phone for a minute or two and then takes the figure and puts it away in a box. A real shady move. The guy gets off the phone and says, "Oh, it wasn't suppose to be on the table. Sorry." I'm like "What?" The was a fucking bitch move. Sylent and I looked at each other and knew the guy on the other side of the phone looked the selling price on eBay and was going to post it there. Of course, if I had known that the dude would take the figure back, I would have never tried to haggle with the price.

At first I was upset with the dude. But later, I became more upset with myself for not just buying it at $35 knowing it was going for over $50 on eBay. Additionally, I reminded myself how many times I pased on Bane when it was at my local comic book store and I could have bought for $17. I'm still kicking myself over this incident. My wife says, "That's what you get for trying to get over on a good deal. You got greedy."


Anyway, for most of my purchases, I was about to knock off a few bucks by haggling with the prices.

Here's my haul:

DC Direct Supergirl = $12
DC Direct Darkseid = $12
DCUC 2 Manhunters = $15
DCUC Indigo Atom = $4
Bishoujo Jean Grey = $30
Superman Returns = $2
Witchblade Statue = $5
DC Direct Teen Titans Wonder Girl = $7
DC Direct Hush Poison Ivy = $10
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