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Originally Posted by Big Daddy Dave Targaryen I View Post
I have been obsessive as a GL fan. And my GL fandom has always been my biggest and most expensive habit. Of all the things I am a fan of, GL was always the priority. Now...I'm just burned out. Too expensive to spend money on things I'm not enjoying. It was fine from 2005-2010 during the boom because I was really enjoying the product. After that it was downhill. I now have a ROOM full of GL crap. Cases of figures unopened that I have no room to hang on a wall to appreciate looking at. I stopped buying the merchandise about two years ago and never regretted it.

I'll still pick up trades and hardcovers here and there, but they won't be of the superhero genre, and I'm just going to buy what I'm enjoying at the moment.
I'm retarded when it comes to that. I have a HUGE collection of Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Daredevil, Justice League, Avengers. From the 70s to present, trades, hardcovers, single issue lots. And I'm dead serious when I say retardedly huge. I have the entire Ostrander run of Martian Manhunter from the 80s in single issues, all kept near mint and always carefully bagged and boarded...because I still read all my comics. I won't keep a comic I won't read over and over.

I'm cuckoo, dude. Love my comics. Even weirder, I have a huge collection of classic literature (Dostoevsky, Faulkner, Dickinson, etc), and art music scores (mostly Beethoven and Wagner). I am nuts about books!

I average about $700 a month on them, but I sell the ones I don't like.

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