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This issue just cements a problem I've been having with Venditti's handling of the characters here, which is that for the most part, he's telling a story that could just as easily be told with one Green Lantern instead of four. Instead, he essentially replays each story beat with each lantern, just modified to their personalities. So he's telling less story, just taking more time to get there by showing each lantern do it their way almost every step of the way, but with none of them being essential or providing something different.

He was actually able to do it in the first storyline with Sinestro (although he only had three main GL's to juggle at the time) where they each had a different part of the story to tell and each had a different impact. Now they're all advancing the plot in the same way, we just have to see it repeated for each of them so they all get their moment. (or seeing them all do something together that one lantern should be able to do, like breaching the Controllers' stronghold))

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