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As lyonn stands up he relizes he was starving and hadnt eaten in a long time so he decided he was going to go hunting, as he stalked through the jungle he saw a deer like animal and created his dual battle hammers and threw them at the animal crushing it in two blows, as the animal squirms lyonn raises his battle axe and dives it into the animals head killing it instantly. Not caring tht the meat is raw or uncooked lyonn starts eating away like a crazed person after he finished he saw another animal but it was greater in size and lyonn craving more grabes his axe and rushes at the animal yelling in a frenzy he jumps on the animal causing the two to fall down and lyonn starts eating it while its trying to get away. finaly the animal kicks lyonn in the face causing him to let go and he grabes it by the legs and holds it down with one hand in the other hand was his battle axe he started chopping at the animal. After awhile there was nothing left of the animal no bones no meat it had been eatin alive by Lyonn, after he was done hunting he found himself a tree to sit up against and he cleaned off his axe with some leafs.
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